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Chemical Free Drying

Chemical Free Drying

A carefully selected range of natural, organic products for line and machine... 

Chemical Free Washing

Chemical Free Washing

A chemical free alternative to washing powder and a mesh bag to... 

What Do We Do?

We eliminate chemicals from the laundry room. We sell products that are natural, organic, reusable, & bio degradable. #Chemicalfreelaundry

  • Cheryl

    Love these make drying washing time shorter.
    Softer clothes and by adding the fabric softner onto them makes the drying clothes smell lovely ! Gave two to my daughter , she loves using them too.

  • Maddy

    Really impressed with these dryer balls - been using for a few months now - at least 2-3 times a week and they are still perfect! I definitely think they cut down on drying time too.

  • Duncan

    I bought these in place of plastic dryer balls and they have been very good. The clothes in my dryer come out fluffier than previously. I've only used a few times so far but they seem quite durable. Would recommend these over plastic dryer balls.

  • Simon

    Great product!!
    Very easy to use - just dissolve in hot water and away you go
    They give great results and are really good value for money

Best Selling Wool Dryer Balls

Our 100% natural wool dryer balls help soften your clothes and save you money by reducing your tumble dryer's energy consumption by up to 20%.

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