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Biodegradable Natural Cleaning Sponge Pack of 15

Biodegradable Natural Cleaning Sponge Pack of 15

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100% NATURAL SPONGES - Plant-based biodegradable sponges, made from white cellulose and coconut fibre. These compostable sponges are perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere that needs a good scrub clean.
ECO-FRIENDLY & HEALTHY - DimBull eco-friendly sponges are made from natural materials, which helps to eliminate the transmission of bad odours, unlike traditional plastic sponges and cloths. Reducing the threat of illness caused by the spreading of germs. Eliminates the tiny plastic and synthetic fibres found in plastic alternatives being released into wastewater after washing. 
NON-SCRATCH MULTIPURPOSE SPONGES - DimBull eco-friendly sponges help you to remove grease, dirt, grime, and other impurities with minimum effort, without worrying about unwanted scratches.
ERGONOMIC SHAPE - DimBull sponges have a unique S shape for easier use, making it easier to tackle the more stubborn stains.
ZERO WASTE NATURAL CLEANING SPONGE - Perfect for the Eco-Friendly consumer. DimBull sponges are 100% biodegradable, making them perfect for a plastic-free household.

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