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Aleppo Soap Flakes

Aleppo Soap Flakes

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Aleppo Laundry Flakes. These soap flakes are made from 20% Laurel Oil and 80% Olive Oil and can be used in two different ways. For best results place a handful of flakes directly into the drum, on top of the washing load and wash at 60 degrees. If you prefer to wash at a lower temperature simply mix with hot water and allowed to dissolve, to create a natural, organic, and fragrant laundry liquid you can use in your washing machine in the same way as shop bought liquids.

Aleppo soap is natural.  Recommended by dermatologists worldwide. Now available in a flake form for your washing machine. It is kind to your skin as well as your clothes. Gives you the choice to avoid using products that contain chemicals that can cause skin irritations or worse.

100% organic. No colouring, chemicals, perfumes or preservatives. Now made across the border in Turkey by a Master Soap Maker from Aleppo. The soap flakes are made from 20% Laurel, and 80% Olive Oil.

Kind to the environment. Imagine the benefits of being able to eliminate chemicals from your washing routine, as well as the plastic packaging that comes with many of the leading brands.

Kind to your purse or wallet. Our 400g bag, when used as directed, will be enough for at least fifty washing cycles. 

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