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Hand Painted Wooden Dolly Pegs

Hand Painted Wooden Dolly Pegs

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🌿Fun, Funky & Eco-Friendly. Dimbull Dolly Pegs hold your clothes firmly on the washing line. This is because they are made from durable FSC wood and provide a strong grip, even on windy days.

🌿Super Sturdy. Sturdier than spring-based pegs (wooden or plastic), and much less likely to break.

🌿Beautifully Designed & Built. Traditional Dolly Pegs look amazing and won’t leave marks on your clothing whilst hanging on your washing line.

🌿Versatile. Dimbull Dolly Pegs are hand painted with water-based paint. They are also multi-functional, great for arts and crafts and many other uses including, sealing snack bags.

🌿Quit Plastic! Have you ever wondered what happens to all those plastic laundry pegs that have been lost in the garden over the years? Small pieces of plastic are often eaten by pets and wildlife. Larger pieces are left to degrade into smaller pieces through natural weathering processes which create secondary microplastics that enter our environment and ecosystem, damaging wildlife.

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