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Mesh Laundry Bags for Washing Machines

Mesh Laundry Bags for Washing Machines

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Synthetic textiles, such as fleece jackets, release tiny plastic fibres into wastewater after washing. Our Washing Machine Laundry Bags capture these fibres and stop them escaping.

Made from heat resistant, flexible, durable and breathable polyester fibre, each packs contains 5 different sizes of wash bag, 25x30cm, 30x40cm, 40x50cm, 50x50cm, & 60×60 cm.

Washing Machine Laundry Bags are also the ideal travel organiser bag. Separate your dirty clothes, put them into a bag and throw them in your washing machine when you get home.

Here are some items where Dimbull Mesh Laundry Bags are a must if you want to keep your clothes looking like new:

🌿Delicate Fabrics. Dimbull Mesh Laundry Bags should be used for tops and T-shirts that may nick or pull easily if they come into contact with buttons or zippers or anything else mixed with the wash.

🌿Lingerie should always be placed in Dimbull Mesh Laundry Bags when washing. It helps maintain their shape, straps don’t get stretched, and hooks don’t get caught on other items.

🌿Bathing suits should not be tumble-dried because the heat can break down the elasticity. By placing your suits into Dimbull Mesh Laundry Bags when washing, it’s easy to separate them from the items you intend to throw into your dryer saving a lot of time and aggravation.

🌿Socks are a pain to keep track of. By loading them into a Dimbull Mesh Laundry Bag you can throw them all into the wash and then the dryer making it impossible to lose and easy to pair.

Always make sure not to overload your washing machine so that your Dimbull Mesh Laundry Bags have plenty of room to slosh around, and that the bags are not too full , otherwise your clothes will not have the room to move around and get clean.

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