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Wool Dryer Balls from Nepal

Wool Dryer Balls from Nepal

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🌿Handmade, High QualityOur Wool Dryer Balls are natural & handmade in Nepal with no fillers, chemicals, or synthetics, just 100% premium Merino wool. They help reduce your drying time by up to 25% and soften your clothes.

 🌿【Energy Saving】 Our Dryer Balls for laundry help prevent your wash from clumping. They retain the heat from your tumble-dryer which speeds up your machines cycle. So, your laundry dries faster, saving you time & money, and with current energy prices, what a great benefit!

 🌿【Money Saving】 Our Dryer Balls help to soften fabrics when used in your dryer. They continually agitate against the fibres in your clothes and linens. So, after a (shorter) drying cycle, your clothes will be soft to the touch. In turn, this reduces ironing time, saving even more energy and money.

 🌿【Re-usable】 Our Drying Balls for tumble dryers are quieter than plastic alternatives. They can be used hundreds of times before they need replacing and can be composted when you’re done with them. Or reuse them by adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil and putting them in your drawers to freshen up your socks, or just give one to your cat to chase around the house!

 🌿【Easy to Use】 Our Dryer Balls are so easy to use. Just put 3 or 4 wool dryer balls in your tumble dryer. For full loads use 5 or 6. If you miss the scent of chemical-based laundry sheets, you can add a few drops of our essential oils to your wool dryer balls, creating wonderful aromas throughout your home.

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